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in the halftime playbook and we're trading the big movers with josh brown and mike murphy and doc, i'm going to you first. >> because you called me joe. >> it's the options market. where you can often see what the market is betting on ahead of earnings like this. what do you do expect or see? >> well, just to give the viewers a little insight here from what the trading perspective and the options floors has judged, ibm ahead of earnings tonight is a $6 straddle at the 195 strike. that's implying a 3% move up or down. volatility is right around 40. so you'd expect that since apple is implying a 7% move it's implied volatility would be double that, you would be right. apple's implied vol at 93 is implying a move of $36 or more for those earnings. google is about the same, a $39 move on a $700 stock. 6.5% let's say. all of these are probably being faded by many investors who last week were very flattered and thinking they knew exactly how to price things because apple pinned right at 500. i don't think we'll pin this week. i think it's going to make a move up or down. my bet is up in apple righ
management and back with us is the cnbc contributor josh brown. josh, what do you make of today's move and where do we go from here? the multi-billion dollar question. >> as i had mentioned previously, i really think it would be great to see a pullback, so long as it's not a company by a huge spike in volume and any kind of overly rattling headlines. nothing really on the horizon that i think can really do that. for right now what you want to see is an orderly pullback. maybe today was is beginning of that. just don't know yet, but truthfully, tech looks pretty weak here. that's an area i would probably lay off. i would focus on relative strength and the relative strength, health care, energy and industrials. >> all right. ben pace, what about you? we've all watched this market marveling as it goes higher feeling a little bit tired. what do you see going on? >> considering with apple and how much it's gone down. this is a pretty good market. the dow was up quite nicely, not as impacted by apple so i still think that so-called pain trade was up. the market want to continue to move up. w
drive ing growth with business is in tact. >> david, it's josh brown. for most of 2012 and 2012, the market was characterized by this risk off-risk on regime. it didn't matter what stocks you picked, a question when you were in the market and weren't. correlation collapsed and all of a sudden there's value in picking good stocks and bad stocks. do you think that's something we will see through the course of the year and if so, what's the best way to express that as portfolio manager? >> a good question. is complacency setting in but i don't think so given the valuation and earnings. i wouldn't focus on getting tactical calls right this year. i don't think we will have a big pull back in the market. i think people should get in the market, focus on stock picking, focus on stock picking allocation. we like the technology. >> what is it you expect on wednesday that the result will be on the fixed income market from what we hear from the federal reserve. will the continuance of out-flows from fixed income continue after the statement is released? >> we don't see signs of a great rot
stock exchange, danny huse from divine capital and josh brown is out there in the ether somewhere. cnbc contributor from fusion analytics. an crew keene from keene on the markets and our friend from o'neill securities on the floor. josh brown, is apple no longer important to the broader market? >> never important to the dow, but in terms of it being a leadership stock, i don't think we could say it's been leading the market since at least october or november of last year. i think what you're seeing today and yesterday in dow stocks, things like ibm, exxon mobil, it's really a different world from apple entirely. i think what investors want to do here is focus on the fact that we've got this mcclellan oscillator up at 112, as high as 150 yesterday, a fancy way of saying the advancers are outpacing decliners by a very healthy margin, and that's exactly what you would want to see if you want to stay constructive on this market. you want to seat leadership narrow. >> i haven't heard the mcclellan os calculator cited in a while. >> still matter. >> i'll hear from tom mcclellan at some point
brown delivering his state of the state address today. so did raising taxes on the wealthy really work? jane wells analyzes in l.a. jane? >> well, it appears to far that higher taxes, cuts and improving economy maybe do work miracles. quote, california did the impossible, says governor brown. who claims the golden state will only clear the deficit but will have a billion dollar surplus a year later. last month the day took in a single day record for personal income taxes. $2.2 billion on one day. mostly from those who play quarterly. however this could be front loading as people declared income and took capital gains ahead of higher federal coxs. even so the budget holds items but increased education spenting. >> fiscal discipline is not the enemy of our good intentions but the basis for realizing them. it is cruel to lead people on by expanding good programs only to cut them back when the funding disappears. this is not progress. it is not even fro greprogressi. it is an illusion. boom and bust serves no one. we're not going back there. >> however, the governor hasn't said how he will
, and the double-wide subzero there. >> and how's this for double wide? billy and tammy brown built their 11,000-square-foot house outside of houston with an entranceway somewhere between the u.s. capitol and a good-sized mosque. what do people say when they first come into this place? >> they're pretty amazed by the dome more than anything else. you know, they walk in, and you can't see it right away. and then they see the dome, and they go, "wow, i've never seen anything like this." so that was kind of the wow factor, you know, that we wanted. >> that's just the opening wow. wow number two: a touch of old world charm for the billiard room cum tv room cum dry aquarium. and there's the kitchen... and the pool... and their six-year-old daughter's bedroom, with bathroom and closet the size of two new york studio apartments. does this house feel big to you or just right? >> it's starting to feel just right now. when we first moved in, it felt really big, 'cause we came from a 4,000-square-foot house, and this is close to 11. but it's something we've always dreamed about. >> just about everybody
on "worldwide exchange" from davos. we'll be joined with mike brown. we'll get right to him when we come back. >>> as we can see the focus for the economy in davos, we can see mining and commodity experts. they think they're pretty optimistic for what's to come this year. here is a recap. >> i'm actually a little bit more optimistic that 2013 will see us recovering and, therefore, we take the view that the oil prices for 2013 and that will actually not slow down the growth. as we can see, things coming back. i'm confident that the gold price will continue to go towards 1,800. considering that given any other uncertainties and certainties about, for example, the yen, the new bank of japan policy on inflation targeting, there are a number of very attractive investment assets. >> despite the global economic downturn, 100, 110 has been pretty stable. most of the screens project around the $80 level, 8el 0 to 90, i would say. and governments in the region oil producing governments tend to budget at that sort of level. natural gas, of course, a much bigger variation and the u.s. has become competit
suggests health care which year to date, josh brown mentioned this, health care has been a sector to be in. >> i think industrials could be interesting. they're the least owned stocks or sector at this point by institutional money managers. so i think it is not going to take a lot to see a little bit of a rotation. look at the stocks. utx, ge, they're not staying down on these guidance. these stocks are up nicely. there is more that can go. >> some are overvalued. look at cei, the stock is up 50% from that level. i'll tell you the contrary place i would be, i would short the safety trades. i would short the spread. i would short german bounds. i would be short every place people want to hide over the last couple of years because they're going to reverse. in reason to be there. >> just real quick, look at the durables. look at brunswick today, that stock moving 6.5%, 7%. harley-davidson, look at whirlpool, which continued to work and because of some rulings is going to work well into this next quarter. i think you look at those durables right now. >> the trend is your friend, sorry, scott.
? >> "unhedged." >> ebay. >> we did a trader battle with downtown josh brown on this last week out of the earnings report. i still don't really like it here because i would rather go visa or master card. in the end, the growth is coming from paypal. which is a great property. what you get for the same, purely a payment stock when you buy visa or master card. >> good stuff. final trades are up next on "halftime." ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you co
would wear. earlier monday, as you can see there, michelle obama wore a navy coat and dress by tom brown and belt and gloves by j. crew. that's another long time favorite. the first lady has established herself as an international style trend setter and the clothes she has worn have sold out at retailers. j. crew is private now, but who knows, maybe there will be investor demand soon. u.s. "squawk box" is up next.
british recovery. >> it's interesting, i spoke to lord brown who is now with str consulting. he told me -- and i've asked him to send me this survey. he told me last night that they have a survey of international companies who tell me they think it would be fine if britain was in a view. as long as they had the rule of law with the rest of the world, they would be happy with that. >> i talked to the planning people and the ceos of a lot of multi nationals. none of them that i speak with are saying that. the uk should never become hong kong or singapore not because they aren't great things, but because they're tiny countries. of course we'll have to stick with rule of law. of course we'll have to play to their financial strengths. but that's not going to be enough if they pull themselves out of their most important political and economic relationship and if they seem to be america's wrij into europe. >> what -- the u.s. feels very strongly, it's extraordinarily strong remarks, unusual. why was that? is it because actually they view the uk as the biggest proopponent of trying to get a sin
're not whitening you're yellowing. >> as you get older, i just -- i wear, you know, i just try to wear a brown tie occasionally to match my yellow teeth. i've given up on trying to get them. that's what happens. you'll see. >> coffee every day. no, i'm with you. >> we have a whole portfolio of products, joe, that you might be interested. >> those strips i put them in, i've got to sit there for 20 minutes. and then i tried the dentist and i thought he was killing me. i don't know what he was doing to me with the breeching stuff. >> mouthwash. >> all right. >> so you don't consider your tide pods, that's -- you mention innovation after that. that seems like innovation to me. and i wonder how p&g can continue to innovate. you can take products you've already got and innovate with as evidenced by those tide pods. >> there are tons of degrees of innovation. tide pods is a great example. that item is going to be about half a billion dollars in sales in its first year. it's one brand, in one country, that has a huge future ahead of it. because of the performance. it now has 75% of the unit dose segment f
in your image whether brown, black or white, male or female, first generation immigrant american or daughter of the american revolution, gay or straight, rich or poor. we pray for your blessing because without it we will only see scarcity in the midst of abundance, but with your blessing we will recognize the abundance of the gifts of this good land with which you have n endowed this nation. we pray for your blessing, bless all of us privileged to be citizens and residents of this nation with a spirit of gratitude and humility that we may become a blessing among the nations of this world. we pray that you will shower with your life-giving spirit the elected leaders of this land, especially barack, our president, and joe, our vice president. fill them with the love of truth and righteousness that they may be able to serve this nation ably and be glad to do your will. endow their hearts with wisdom and forbearance so that peace may prevail with righteousness and justice with order, so that men and women can find with one another the fulfillment of our humanity. we pray that the pr
brown tweeting up a storm was actually about lance armstrong. derek said he should have admitted his mistake and moved on but that he fooled everyone, including me, i know, joe, you weren't that fooled. that's what's been going on in davos. we will have more throughout the day and the week. >> you told me -- 3 million people watched. it wasn't even and oprah record. you said everybody in the world was watching that, not true. >>> thought they were. >> he does not go -- >> i was the one that went to watch him win. what do i know? >> ellairian belongs there. he is so davos. walking around there, someone asks him a question, one of his answer, he deserves to be there but he doesn't go. i don't understand. >> he should be. it's a long trip. he likes to fly coach. >> he's in newport beach. why leave newport beach, a good point. >> i'm pretty much with you. >> but you're there. thank thanks. >> we'll check back from andrew. joining us to talk about the tech titan's numbers is ben, and i know you've been predicting this was a downturn, inflection point for the shares of apple. is there anyt
are not going to save their way by brown bagging their lunch back to financial health, shall we say. so i think that consumers understand inflation is part of the package. and are willing in modest dosage to accept it. it's certainly been the history of panera. in fact, we quarterly survey consumer sentiment on value, and the value scores on panera have remained over the last five years. >> ron, are you seeing a movement -- let's talk about the health. you've got some very well-posted calorie menus. you've got a 417 calorie asian chicken salad that is terrific. are you seeing people staying away from the high calorie and going for the low calorie? >> jim, you know it. just like your investors, consumers are intelligent. they understand. all they want it do is be treated with respect and dignity. the way we do that is we give them the information. there are others, a broad swatch of panera's menu that is very good for you, low calorie, low fat, really very, very good. you can eat very well at panera. there are also items that are inactual gent. we let you know to make your own decisions. >> how
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15